Welcome to German Shepherd Corner! This is a space dedicated to the magnificent GSD breed.

Here you’ll find all the German Shepherd tips and tricks you need to raise a happy, healthy dog.

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Training Advice
Positive Training Builds Mutual Trust & Understanding

See more of the behaviors you want and less of those unwanted behaviors. Tap into your GSD’s natural intelligence and learn the in’s-and-out of how your dog learns.

Build and facilitate the canine-human bond through force-free, fun, and science-based training methods. How? Lead, don’t Dominate.

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Enrichment Ideas
Enrichment Amplifies the Canine-Human Bond

This growing collection offers articles to help you learn about enriching your dog’s life in ways you might not have thought of. Follow along to develop enrichment plans and expose your dog to cool enrichment activities.

Use these ideas to support your dog in living their best life, and help prevent those unwanted behaviors due to boredom.

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GSD Health & Nutrition

Their only real fault, is that our dog’s don’t live long enough. And although the German Shepherd can live to the ripe old age of 14 years, few seldom do.

In this section, discover how to boost your dog’s longevity through a healthy diet, minimal pesticides, and healthy, age-appropriate exercise.

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Puppy Parenthood
Rock Puppy Parenthood

Happiness is a warm puppy! They are fun, mischievous, teachers of us humans and so deserve their very own space here.

Rock puppy parenthood by mastering the art of training and supporting the advancement of your puppy’s personality. Learn how to care for your lil’ un’ from growth development to caring for those gorgeous ears!

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GSD Breed Information
The Loyal & Regal GSD Breed

Learn about the magnificent and loyal breed that is the German Shepherd Dog.

Discover the fascinating history of the “reasonably new” GSD breed. Understand how the different types and bloodlines developed. And most importantly, how to find a reputable breeder. Ethical breeding is the only way to preserve and better this breed.

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German Shepherd Gear
The Finest German Shepherd Gear

Gear for our German Shepherd’s need to meet rigorous criteria to be even remotely good enough. I’ve spent more than my fair share on rubbish products that never quite made the cut.

In this section, I share recommendations for the finest German Shepherd gear. And fill you in on the good, the not-so-good, and what definitely not to waste your money on.

Show Me the Best GSD Gear!