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Training Advice

Training AdviceMy goal as a positive trainer is to write about and encourage folks to use positive reinforcement methods (+R) to train all dogs.

Any dog, and I mean any dog can be successfully trained using only +R methods.

I'm currently studying for my certification in dog training and share actionable tips and advice to train and set your GSD up for success.

You can find out more about these training methods in this section totally dedicated to force-free, kind dog training.

Nutrition Advice

Nutrition AdviceI've been feeding my dogs a 100% raw diet going on 6 years now. And it's the best decision I could have made for them.

I've bounced between feeding a commercial premade raw food to preparing DIY raw meals.

And although there are some excellent premade raw brands out there, nothing beats knowing exactly what is going into my dog's bodies. It's a kind of satisfaction that's hard to describe.

I've also earned my diploma in Canine Raw Nutrition and certification as a Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist. So watch this space for meal plans and fun DIY food articles.

The Review Process

The Review ProcessWhen reviewing a product or service I evaluate a number of factors that contribute to the overall rating.

I research industry standards, independent opinions, expert ratings, and customer reviews. Where applicable I share my own experiences, tests, and evaluations.

You'll often see a “paw rating” which is my personal rating of a product or service based on my in-depth research and personal experience.

You can check out my reviews of dog toys, food, gear and training programs here.

Factors Considered During the Review Process

  • Consumer Interest: Here I determine how interested other consumers are in a product, brand, or service. I also pay close attention to how each manufacturer or company listens to its customers and deals with feedback.
  • Credibility: I research the extent to which products, services, and brands have been endorsed by trusted experts. And where a product or service stands in terms of industry standards.
  • Personal Experience: I spend a large amount of time and money testing out products and services for review purposes.
  • Value: Is a product or service good value for money? You'll learn about what you get for your money and if there are any extra fees or expenses.
  • Customer Support: This is an important factor, especially since these products are for your pooch. I look at how companies and manufacturers treat their customers. I research whether they give support and are they friendly, supportive, and informative.
  • Popularity: The paw ratings I give are based on other customer ratings, reviews, overall company popularity, and also my own experiences.
  • Technology and Equipment: With technology changing fast, here I research whether products are designed using the latest tech.
  • Pricing: Through my research, I also evaluate pricing which plays a role in any paw rating. However, I am not permitted to share exact pricing, but where applicable I may give ballpark-figures.
  • Features: I consider and share a wide variety of features and bells or whistles, and aim to highlight the most important features of a product. I also share the features I'd like to see improved or added to a product or service.