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Topics: dog training, positive reinforcement training, canine nutrition, natural health care for dogs… or others along a similar line.

Important Note

No articles promoting aversive training methods like punishment, shock, e-collars, prong collar or choke chains will be considered. And no guest posts from sites that promote these methods or tools will be considered.

Length: 2,500+ words

Cost: There are no fees or costs involved in guest posting for the site.

Expert opinions: Unless you are a qualified expert such as a veterinarian, vet tech, licensed breeder, canine nutritionist, qualified dog trainer, or in a particular specialized field, you must reach out and get at least 6 opinions or quotes from experts in the field. Proper attribution must be given in the article.

If you’re an expert in the field of canines, the above will not apply to you. Instead, please provide a short professional bio and a headshot image for the author bio. Your credentials must be verifiable and up to date.

Delivery: ..docx file (Word).

Quality: The article must be of the very best quality online.

Screenshots: Screenshots add valuable enhancements to an article, especially in DIY articles.

Links: Please source everything with outbound links. If your research is solid, there should be 10+ outbound links to reference your work. You may have one dofollow link in the body of the article to your site.

Reserve the right to refuse: Submitting an article is not a guarantee that it will be published. I reserve the right to refuse it or require revisions.

Affiliate links: No affiliate links are permitted in guest posts.

Copyright: The article must be 100% original, never published anywhere else online or in print. Once your article is published, you agree that copyright passes entirely to GermanShepherdCorner.com.

Plagiarism: All articles are checked with premium plagiarism software. No plagiarised work will be considered.

Contact Info: Contact me to kick things off.

I look forward to working with you. But I do get a lot of pitches. If you don’t hear back from me within a week, your email may have hit my spam folder. So, feel free to resend it.