The Review Process

When reviewing a product or service I evaluate a number of factors that contribute to the overall rating.

I research industry standards, independent opinions, expert ratings, and customer reviews. Where applicable I share my own experiences, tests, and evaluations.

Factors Considered During the Review Process

  • Consumer Interest: Here I determine how interested other consumers are in a product, brand, or service. I also pay close attention to how each manufacturer or company listens to its customers and deals with feedback.
  • Credibility: I research the extent to which products, services, and brands have been endorsed by trusted experts. And where a product or service stands in terms of industry standards.
  • Personal Experience: I spend a large amount of time and money testing out products and services for review purposes.
  • Value: Is a product or service good value for money? You’ll learn about what you get for your money and if there are any extra fees or expenses.
  • Customer Support: This is an important factor, especially since these products are for your pooch. I look at how companies and manufacturers treat their customers. I research whether they give support and are they friendly, supportive, and informative.
  • Popularity: The paw ratings I give are based on other customer ratings, reviews, overall company popularity, and also my own experiences.
  • Technology and Equipment: With technology changing fast, here I research whether products are designed using the latest tech.
  • Pricing: Through my research, I also evaluate pricing which plays a role in any paw rating. However, I am not permitted to share exact pricing, but where applicable I may give ballpark-figures.
  • Features: I consider and share a wide variety of features and bells or whistles, and aim to highlight the most important features of a product. I also share the features I’d like to see improved or added to a product or service.
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