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I’m betting you’re here because you’ve tried every approach, and nothing has moved the needle for your dog training struggle with your GSD.

And, you’re not alone!

You see…

There’s something almost no one is talking about…

The #1 cause of almost all the unwanted behaviors we see in this breed.

Your German Shepherd is a very special breed. Bred to work with a dual function. And most experts and training advice ignore this one vital fact.

Ignoring this fact makes it virtually impossible to move the needle forward or solve those unwanted behaviors with kindness and clarity.

That’s why most GSD guardians turn to “experts” who use dominance, punishment, and aversive methods.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Watch this short video to discover the #1 most ignored fact about your GSD.

And discover how you can join me as I guide you along a well-trodden path to turn your struggle into a strength!


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