The Best Vacuum for Dog Hair on Wood Floors

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This review article will give you an in-depth look at the best vacuum for dog hair on wood floors.

You may think any old vacuum will do the trick to keep your wood floors dog hair-free. I used to think the same way…

Until I ended up buying a vacuum that kept blowing back the hair! This article will help you sort through the most important aspects and guide you through your journey of researching, choosing, and purchasing a vacuum for your wood floors.

At A Glance: Our Top 3 Picks Dog Hair on Wood Floors

What You’ll Learn in this Article

You’ll get an in-depth look at each vacuum cleaner and specifically the following:

  1. Design
  2. Performance
  3. Suction Power
  4. Attachments
  5. After-Sale Service

I’ll share the pros and cons of each machine with you.  And by the end, everything will be less confusing.  You’ll have all the information you require to shop with confidence and make the best choice for your needs.

And when you’re ready to pull the trigger, check out my practical buyer’s guide to help make the right choice and pick the best vacuum for your wood floors.

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair on Wood Floors: Comparison

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Wood Floor Vacuums

JW Pet Tanzanian Mountain Ball Our Top Pick

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro

  • Design: Upright
  • HEPA Filter: No
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
View on Amazon
Bissell PowerEdge Pet For Hardwood Floors

Bissell PowerEdge Pet For Hardwood Floors

  • Design: 2-in-1, Upright + Canister
  • HEPA Filter: Yes
  • Weight: 13.7 lbs
View on Amazon
West Paw Design Bumi

Eureka Mighty Mite Deluxe

  • Design: Canister
  • HEPA Filter: No
  • Weight: 9 lbs
View on Amazon

The Best Vacuum for Dog Hair on Wood Floors

Keeping wood floors free from your German Shepherd’s shedding hair is tricky.  Any wood floor whether it’s engineered, natural, laminate or antique floors can be damaged if you use the wrong vacuum cleaner or a poor quality one.

The worst part is damage to your wood floors is in most cases permanent.

So you have 2 important things to consider…

      • You need a vacuum that will treat your wood floors with respect.
      • You want the best vacuum cleaner for German Shepherd hair.

Here are the top picks for the best vacuum for dog hair on wood floors.

Bissell Power Edge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum 81L2A

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dog Hair on Wood Floors - Bissell Power Edge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum 81L2A



The Bissell Power Edge is unusually designed with a V-Shape suction foot.  Which looks a little like a crab’s pincers.

The idea behind this design is; the V-Shape directs large pieces of debris into the center of the suction path.  While the pointed suction paths tackle smaller more fine debris.

This Bissell vacuum is ideal for wood floors because it has no brush roll which will damage wood floors.  Or a beater bar which will throw up dirt behind you.  Although, it is fitted with small wheels for maneuvering.  And if these get stuck, they will scuff your floor.

But, from my research, this happening has not been reported by other customers.

The machine is bagless and comes with a ‘dirt-cup’.  Customer feedback has confirmed the dirt-cup makes it a breeze to clean.

It comes with  2 filters but no HEPA filter.  But customers with allergies have reported there is no dust blowback and no negative effect on allergies.

The Bissell is a corded vacuum cleaner with about 20′ of room to move.  Enough to vacuum a large size room without moving the plug.

The swivel head and lightweight design makes it super easy to maneuver and clean around furniture legs.  Some customers have reported the pointed suction paths make it difficult to clean corners.  But turning the center V-Shape to face the corner should take care of this.

See the Bissell Power Edge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum on Amazon


This baby can suck up anything from kitty litter to Cheerios, popcorn, and soil.

And because the suction wipers are made with unique hair attracting material it collects more dog hair than suction alone would.  Making it a definite pick for the best vacuum for dog hair on wood floors.  The best part is you need no extra attachments to use this function.

One customer reported the excellent maintenance of 2 dogs shedding a combined weight of 440 lbs of body size.

The Bissell’s unique swivel head makes it a breeze to get into those hard to reach places and around crefts and baseboards.

Customers have reported safe cleaning of natural wood floors, laminate floors and even delicate antique floors from the 1930s.

From my research, some customers have reported difficulty in maneuvering the Bissell Power Edge.  But according to the manufacturer, this only happens when it’s new and will ease with time.

The handle of the Bissell Power Edge tilts much further back than other vacuums making it 8″ high.  This gives you incredible length for those hard to reach places under furniture.

Also, keep in mind this vacuum is not designed for ‘whole house’ cleaning of exceptionally large houses.  It functions at its best in small to medium homes.  And is intended to maintain high traffic areas.

Suction Power

The Bissell Power Edge has Cyclonic tech and customers have reported more than adequate suction power.  And the unique hair attracting rubber attachment offers even more suction abilities.

Suction power might decline over time.  But this is due to most owners forgetting to clean the lower filter.  It’s not a visible filter so it can easily be missed.

Some customers have reported the Bissell to be noisy.  But considering the suction power, this is to be expected.

Check out the manufacturer’s video below to see how the Bissell Power Edge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum Performs.


The vacuum comes with no extra attachments because you don’t need any.  It’s a plug and play machine straight out of the box.

You might need to replace the filters at some point.  But if you clean them regularly the filters will last for a long time to come.

After-Sale Support

Bissell offers superb after-sales service.  With a 1 year limited warranty and a database for troubleshooting and a handy user guide.

Check out the user guide and 1 Year Limited Warranty for more information.

Bissell Power Edge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner User Guide

Bissell Power Edge Pet Hard Floor Vaccum Cleaner Warranty


The Bissell Power Edge has a ton on offer at a more than reasonable price.  If you’re looking for a vacuum that has high performance to maintain high traffic areas with a talent for getting rid of pesky German Shepherd ‘glitter’.  The Bissell Power Edge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner should be on your list of contenders for the best vacuum for dog hair on wood floors.

See The Bissell Power Edge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon.

best vacuum for wood floors and dog hair - Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro


If you’re looking for a vacuum designed for dog hair on wood floors the Shark Navigator Lift-Away standard brush roll should be on your list.

The Shark Navigator weighs in at 13.7 lbs and is a 2-in-1 model so you can use it as a standard vacuum or a portable one.

It has a swivel head making it easy to maneuver.  And a smaller cleaning path of 9.5″.  Making it perfect for reaching those hard to reach places, furniture toe kicks under beds and sofas.

The brush roll shutoff button and dust-away hardwood floor attachment keeps your floors safe from etches and scuff marks which can cause permanent damage.

The machine comes with a 30′ cord.  Making it convenient for cleaning an entire room without moving the plug.

The dimensions are 45.2 x 14.9 x 11.4 (inches)

Check out this video from the manufacturer and see for yourself why the Shark Navigator Lift-Away is a contender for the best vacuum for dog hair on wood floors.


According to my research, the Shark Navigator provides excellent performance for picking up dog hair.  As well as crumbs, Cheerios, candy wrappers, dust, and soil.

Customers have reported the vacuum is super easy to clean.  Simply push a button and release the dirt into the bin.

Suction Power

This shark is designed with different levels of suction power, depending on your needs.  The more dirt on your floors the higher you can set the suction power.

One customer shared how appalled she was at the amount of dirt that came up the first time she used the Navigator Shark. Well, I guess that’s a good thing to be appalled at. Right?!

The overall consensus is the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum provides suction power that rivals vacuums in the higher price ranges.

See The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional on Amazon


The Shark Navigator Lift-Away comes with a bunch of neat attachments.  Which are stored in a handy bag inside the machine.  So no more hunting for attachments.  They’re all in one easy to reach place.

There’s a 24″ crevice tool for those pesky hard to reach places.  And 2 washable microfiber filters.  According to my research, these filters last exceptionally long with proper care.  The filters are easy to come by on Amazon.

It also comes with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Tech and a HEPA filter.  Shark claims it traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the machine.

After-Sale Support

Shark provides excellent after-sale service.  The manufacturer actively answers questions on Amazon.  Not only that, there are a ton of useful videos on everything from assembly to checking for blockages, to the cleaning of the filters. With after-sale service, Shark has left no stone unturned.

If you want to know more, check out the user manual for the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner below.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner User Manual


The Shark is a third of the price of other brands that provide the same features and functions.  Considering this the Shark is without a doubt a pick for the best vacuum for dog hair on wood floors.

See The Bissell Power Edge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon.

Eureka Mighty Mite Deluxe Canister Vacuum 3671A

Eureka Mighty Mite Deluxe Canister Vacuum 3671A - protect your wood floors and keep them free from dog hair


The Eureka Mighty Mite is a neat vacuum made for wood floors.  At 8.7 lbs it’s pretty lightweight and comes with a handy carry strap.  So no pulling the machine across the floor.

The dimensions are 11.3 x 17.5 x 9, making it easy to handle.  The hose length is 6′ so you won’t break your back.  And it has a cleaning path of 10″.

And the Mighty Mite also comes with a whopping 20′ cord – easy cleaning without moving the plug too often.  But the cord is not retractable.

The suction floor is designed with a retractable brush that flips into place for cleaning wood floors.  According to my research, this vacuum works exceptionally well to protect wood floors.  No scuff marks have been reported.

A nifty blower port is designed into the Mighty Mite.  Which is perfect for blowing away dirt and debris in garages and outdoor spaces.


The Mighty Mite has great staying power.  With one customer reporting everyday use in a 2000 ft house.

The vacuum is bagged so if you’re going to use it every day, you will need to clean and replace the bag more frequently.  The Mighty Mite is also a handy vacuum to conveniently blow away dirt and debris from garages and other outside areas.

This vacuum has no HEPA filter.  So, if you have allergies something like the Shark Navigator would be more suited to your needs.

The Mighty Mite makes it easy to clean under hard to reach places. laying flat it gives you more than enough clearance height at 3.5″ without losing suction.

Suction Power

The Eureka Mighty Mite is designed with a 12 amp motor which equates to 1500 watts.  Which provides more than decent suction power.

Customers have reported powerful suction performance from the Mighty Mite. Especially when it comes to dog hair.  It’s also been reported to suck up kitty litter, beach sand, and parrot seeds.

Not to mention dust and garbage in the garage.  One customer even vacuumed up some gravel when cleaning their car.

With a tap of your foot, you can activate the bare floor nozzle.  So no more bending over to do it manually.

See the Eureka Mighty Mite Vacuum on Amazon


The Eureka Mighty Mite works at its best on wood floors.  Use on carpets might leave you disappointed though.

The vacuum also comes with an array of attachments…

A crevice tool, a dual dusting brush, and upholstery nozzle for those hard to reach places.  And to top it off, a wand extension for curtains and corner cobwebs.

The Mighty Mite is corded but the cord is not retractable.  But once you’ve wound up the cord it can be stored away in a neat box-like shape.

After-Sale Service

Eureka offers a 1-year limited warranty on the Mighty Mite and a database of extensive faqs for troubleshooting.


If you’re in the market for a vacuum that’s lightweight, easy to use and tough on dog hair the Eureka Mighty Mite should be top of your list.

And considering the price along with everything else it offers, it’s a must on your list of contenders for the best vacuum for dog hair on wood floors.

See the Eureka Mighty Mite Vacuum on Amazon

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    Yes, most of them do offer some unique features that make them worth it. When it comes to carpet, you need a vacuum with a beater brush, the rotating brush under the vacuum, to thoroughly clean the carpets. For hardwood floors, the beater brush needs to be off or not there.

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