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Everything You Need to Know to Treat Your GSD Naturally

This section is dedicated to helping you treat and care for your German Shepherd naturally.

Here, I breakdown what I know about food, nutrition and grooming and the over all natural care of dogs.

And you’ll be able to explore all the natural remedies available.

Keeping your German Shepherd healthy inside and out, is essential for a long and happy life for you and your dog.

My Dog is Eating Poop How do I Stop It

Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop Naturally

Poop breath sucks! There's nothing worse than your pooch coming in for a doggy kiss and their breath stinks to high heaven. And seeing their teeth caked with fresh, smelly poop is enough to make anyone want to puke. But you already know that. And I know it well too, because my boy was a

How to Groom a German Shepherd for Summer

Easy Shepherd Grooming for Summer

You don't have a German Shepherd! You have a German Shedder! But you already know that. And you're here today to learn how to groom a German Shepherd for summer. Right? So, think about your GSD's coat for a moment... They were bred to herd sheep and protect the shepherd in Europe. Now think about Europe's

The Best Raw Food for German Shepherds

raw feeding for german shepherds

This is Zè, when he was a young pup he stopped eating. From about 24 weeks (6 months) he just went off his food. I tried every brand of food on my vet's shelf... But every time I'd fill Zè's bowl with food he'd look at it and move away slowly like it was a loaded