Best Inflatable Kayak for Dogs You Should Check Out

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One of the best things about having a dog, is being able to share life’s greatest adventures with them.

And lucky for you, adventures don’t end with walks and visits to the dog park!

But you’re here looking for the best inflatable kayak for dogs, so you already know that!

At A Glance: Our Top 3 Picks For Inflatable Kayaks for Dogs

And that’s why I’ve brought together the cream of the crop to help you find the inflatable kayak to suit you and your pooch.

Also, check out my quick buyer’s guide at the end of this review and training tips to get your doggo keen on kayaking.

Best Inflatable Kayak for Dogs

JW Pet Tanzanian Mountain Ball Our Top Pick

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak Pro Package

  • Max Capacity: 650 pounds
  • Length: 12 feet
  • Width: 30 inches
View on Amazon
Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

  • Max Capacity: 470 pounds
  • Length: 10 feet 9 inches
  • Width: 39 inches
View on Amazon
West Paw Design Bumi

Aquaglide Chinook XP Tandem Inflatable Kayak

  • Max Capacity: 550 pounds
  • Length: 12 feet 10 inches
  • Width: 36 inches
View on Amazon

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak Pro Package

Max Capacity: 650 pounds
Length: 12 feet
Width: 30 inches
Weight: 26 pounds

This inflatable kayak from Sea Eagle can carry up to three people. But for comfort’s sake it’s best for two people or one person and a pooch.

It’s designed with K-80 Polykrylar so it’s tear resistant and very durable. I like that it’s max capacity is a whopping 650 pounds. Making it a perfect fit for large dogs.

Besides its durability, I like that the seats are adjustable and removable. This gives you some great options when it comes to using the space inside the kayak.

Perfect if you’re carrying canine cargo and equipment. And it makes up for the built-in-storage space, that could be a little bigger.

The floor of the Sea Eagle E370 is made with 5 I-beams so it’s super stable and easy for the rider to paddle. But it’s the stability that makes it a great choice for dog-friendly kayaking.

It’s also a self-bailing kayak which means it has a one-way valve that constantly drains water from your boat.

It comes with the following:

  • 2 paddles.
  • 2 inflatable, movable and removable seats.
  • Foot pump.
  • Carry bag with shoulder strap.
  • Repair kit.

Everything considered though, the Sea Eagle SE370 chalks up to a top kayak with space and stability.

This kayak is up there with the best and a winner if you’re looking to kayak with your dog.

See the Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak on Amazon.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Max Capacity: 470 pounds
Length: 10 feet 9 inches
Width: 39 inches
Weight: 41 pounds

This inflatable kayak from Coleman is fit for 2 people or you and your dog. There’s enough space even if you have a large breed dog.

This kayak is made for fishing in reasonably rugged terrain. It’s designed with a 1000D tarpaulin bottom and its 840D nylon cover makes it robust. Even against a claw nail from your pooch.

Fishing kayaks are also ultra-stable and perfect for dogs who move around a lot. This is because they are designed to handle a lot of movement when fishermen stand up. So that’s a big plus right there!

The seats are also movable making it easy to adjust things for maximum comfort. There’s plenty of storage space on the sidewalls and back of the seats.

This makes up for the bulky sidewalls which do make this kayak a little tight if there’s plenty of gear.

If you need your hands free, you’ll be pleased about the mounted accessories like the rod and paddle holders!

There is one thing worth mentioning here, it doesn’t come with a pump or paddles.

This is definitely a dog-friendly kayak. It’s rugged and durable. It’s stable and the adjustable seats give you options to maximize space.

Although keep in mind, you will need to spend extra on a pump and paddles.

See the Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak on Amazon.

Aquaglide Chinook XP Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Max Capacity: 550 pounds
Length: 12 feet 10 inches
Width: 36 inches
Weight: 38.1 pounds

The Chinook XP Tandem is a favorite inflatable kayak for dog owners. It can easily handle 3 people and even two people and a large dog.

Its extra large cockpit makes it extremely versatile space wise, which is it’s top feature.

And it’s max capacity is 550 pounds, so even if you have a giant breed, the Chinook can take the load.

This might be an inflatable kayak, but XP floor is designed with an inflatable chamber and Aquaglide’s X-Beam technology. This gives it excellent tracking and stability.

And the 600D blended polyester provides protection from punctures in rugged conditions.

Form my research, folks are particularly pleased with the performance of the Chinook when it comes to kayaking with their dogs.

And since the kayak is essentially a robust outer with inflatable inners, in the unlikely even that it does spring a leak, you’ll make it to shore for repairs.

The seats are also adjustable so there’s ample options for the best use of space. And the core seat is also adjustable for comfort.

I like the placement of the handles for easy in-and-out of water. And if you want to take a break and just float around, the paddle holders are a nice touch.

The Chinook also has handy storage built-in. The bungee cords on the front and back are great for storage too.

Like with the Sevylor Coleman Colorado this baby doesn’t come with a pump or paddle. You’ll need to buy those separately.

I like the Aquaglide Chinook for kayaking with dogs. Although, it would be nice to at least have a paddle included.

See the Aquaglide Chinook XP Tandem Inflatable Kayak on Amazon.

Buyers Guide to Choosing the Best Inflatable Kayak for Dogs

There are so many dog-friendly kayaks on the market, it can be difficult to chose which one is the best.

So before you shell out for a kayak, these are the most important things you should consider…


It goes without saying that the size of your pooch will influence your choice of kayak.

You want kayaking to be a fun experience for both of you. And even if your doggo is the most well-behaved dog on earth, they will move around on the kayak.

So the first thing is to know your dog’s measurements, length, height and weight are important to know.

Consider the width of the kayak. You don’t want your dog to slip and fall out. So, no matter which way your dog is facing, both their front and back legs should fit comfortably inside the yak.

Your dog’s weight is also an important thing to factor in. If your pooch is a large breed, your kayak must comfortably hold you, your pooch and any equipment you need.

If your yak can’t handle the weight, you’ll struggle to paddle and control it. And you might even sink.

Single or Tandem

A single kayak usually only has space for you, some equipment and snacks. So if you have a big dog, you’re better off going with a tandem kayak.

If you have a small dog or a pup, then a single kayak might work well for you.

Sit-on-Top or Sit-in Kayaks

Whether you pick a sit-on-top or sit-in kayak depends on your pooch’s personality. But they both work well for dogs.

The sit-on-top yaks are great if you have a busy dog that likes to swim and move around.

If your doggo prefers to take a seat and chill while you’re paddling, then a sit-in kayak will work just fine.

Inflatable v. Hardshell

So in this article I’ve only reviewed inflatable kayaks. I prefer them to hardshells for a few reasons…

Firstly, they have a wider base than hardshells and so they are incredibly stable. Something that’s super important if you’re kayaking with your dog.

Also, the good ones are self-bailing. Meaning they have holes in the seams of the floor which constantly drains water out of the boat.

Because they are inflatable they are super easy to travel with. They usually come with a handy storage and carry bag. And with top manufacturers you’ll get a pump with the kayak.

And if you’re concerned about them popping, don’t be…

Technology has advanced so far these days that the heavy duty outer shell can handle bouncing off a rock with no punctures.

As long as your dog’s nails are trimmed, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks are well known for their stability. Since they’re made for fishing they are designed for you to stand or sit on them – making them the perfect kayak for dogs.

Of course they don’t perform well in rapids. But that’s not what they were designed for.

And besides, if you’re kayaking with your doggo, you should be sticking to quieter waters.

Kayaking Safety

Of course with your canine cargo on board, there are a few safety measures you should follow…

  • Your dog needs to wear a personal flotation device (PDF) at all times.
  • Sunscreen for noses and ears is important.
  • Take plenty of food and water (for both of you).
  • NEVER, ever tie your pooch to the kayak.
  • Stick to quiet waters.

Train Your Dog for Sea Legs

But before any of that, you need to train your dog to enjoy kayaking.

If you just plonk them on a kayak and head out, you run the risk of stressing them out.

Or worse, making them fearful of the kayak and water.

Give your dog the time they need to explore and get used to the kayak while on dry land.

The best way to do this is to have the kayak around the house or yard. When ever your pooch explores the kayak, give lots of praise and treats.

Eventually you can sit in the kayak and encourage your pooch to join you (still on dry land though).

Once your doggo is happy to sit in the kayak, it’s time to move the training to your nearest river bank or lake side. Follow the exact steps above but while the kayak is still in very shallow waters.

When your best friend is happy to sit in the kayak in shallow waters, it’s time to go a little deeper.

Go slow with this training and always remember treats and praise!


There’s a lot to like about all three of these options. But my favorite pick for the best inflatable kayak for dogs is by far the Sea Eagle SE370 which you can find on Amazon.

It’s super stable, spacious and robust. And it comes with 2 paddles, extra seats, a foot pump, and repair kit.

The Sea Eagle is definitely the best value for money and a great kayak for a day on the water with your pooch.

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