My Crew

If you want to find out more about my crew, you’re in the right place!

Charley – a.k.a The Battle Axe (R.I.P. 10.10.07 – 05.02.18)

Charley was born on the 10th of October 2007.  She came from a difficult life before she became part of our family.

I’m not sure exactly what her abuser did to her, but I do know this gal was afraid of her own shadow.

She was also afraid of sticks, towels and blankets.  And loud noises would startle her to the point where she’d hide away.

If anyone approached her from behind she’d completely freak out.

And she still reacts badly to any male that’s tall, with broad shoulders and grey hair.  Which brought me to the conclusion that her abuser has these physical characteristics.

From the moment Charley and I met each other we were best friends.  She trusted no one except me.  And it’s been that way ever since.  She was willing to forgive humans for what they did to her.  And she picked me to trust.

In 2016 Charley had a femur head amputation to relieve hip dysplasia.  Although the surgery was a great success, we quickly realized that she had a very weak immune system and she took long to recover.

But with lots of love, high quality raw food, joint supplements, cannabis oil and hydrotherapy she made a come back.  She’s become a totally different dog.

After everything Charley has been through in her life, she’s affectionately known as “The Battle Axe”.  Nothing gets her down!

Charley’s favorite thing is to ride in the back seat of my car with her nose poking out of the open window.

Update: In January 2018 Charley started having trouble going to the toilet.  After a check up we realized she had chronic perianal fistulas.

This is caused by an autoimmune disease where the body attacks the glands in the rectum that produces mucus to aid the passing of stool.  And it’s a disease almost exclusive to the German Shepherd Dog.

We started intensive treatment immediately. But the situation became worse with no improvements.  She was suffering and her quality of life was poor.

So on the 2nd of May 2018 we made the decision to send Charley over the rainbow bridge.  Where there’s no pain or suffering.  She went to sleep peacefully in my arms.  It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, although I know it was my duty to give her a good and dignified end.

Charley, it was my privilege to be your custodian.  We miss you terribly.  The house is not the same without you.  But, we’ll see you on the flip side. xx

Zeze – a.k.a Nosey Parker

Zeze was born in September 2013.  I bought him from one of the best German Shepherd breeders I know.

He was 12 weeks old when I met him.  He was eating with his brother and sister.  When he heard us walking up to their enclosure.  He was the only one who stopped and looked up.  At that moment it was love at first sight – well, for me anyway!

I took him home that same day.  And when I carried him to the car, he looked over his shoulder at his brother and sister and gave a soft whine.  I guess that was his way of saying goodbye.  Since then he’s been by my side.

Zeze is the most chilled out dog I’ve ever met.  Nothing phases him.  As long as he has food, a frisbee, love and a warm bed to sleep in, all’s right with the world.

And he saves his barking for occasions when it’s needed.  When he barks, we know there’s something up.

As a puppy, he ate everything he could find.  And that included poop!  But, he refused to eat his kibble.  It became so bad that I’d sit on the kitchen floor crying, while trying to hand feed him.

That’s when I started doing research on raw diets.  And once I switched him over, he lives for feeding time.

Zeze is a curious dog.  And he has a rather big nose.  So his nickname is “Nosey Parker”.

His favorite thing is to ride in the truck.  And swimming. Sleeping on his sofa and nosing around my shoe cupboard.  Okay, so he has more than one favorite thing!

Lexi – a.k.a Noise Maker

We don’t know when exactly Lexi was born but she was around 12 weeks when she became ours.  We worked it back and estimate it was around April.  So we picked April 22 as her birthday.

She’s a German Shepherd Border Collie mix – known as a Shollie.  I call her our limited edition pup.

Lexi was rescued from a building site where someone had tied her to a pole with a piece of wire.  She was so tightly bound around her throat that she couldn’t move her head.

My hubby heard a dog crying and tracked down where the sound was coming from, and there she was.

He says he decided there and then that she would be ours.  So she spent the day in his office and came home that night.

She smelled terrible, she was skinny and her coat was dull.  Although it was the middle of winter we had no choice but to bath her and dry her with the blow drier.  She was not impressed!

That night she slept snuggled up next to me.  And during the winter months she sleeps on that same spot next to me.

My hubby is Lexi’s favorite human.  And I’m not exaggerating – she adores him!  Of course it’s because she knows he’s the one who saved her!

She’s a noisy dog.  But we don’t mind, she’s a great guard dog.  So her nickname is “Noise Maker”.

Lexi’s favorite thing in the whole wide world is a ball.  Any ball!  As long as it’s round and moves fast she’s in heaven.  Sometimes she tries to fit two balls in her mouth!

So there you have it.  My awesome crew!!