Flawless Potty Training Guide for German Shepherds

Get Your German Shepherd 100% Reliable in 4 Weeks!

The Flawless Potty Training Guide is a massive advantage for you and your dog.

  • Your dog will know that eliminating inside is totally off limits.
  • Your dog will only use a designated area as their toilet.
  • Your dog will learn how to alert you when they need to go outside.

Why You Should Buy THIS Potty Training Guide?

Don't fall for people who tell you your dog can be potty trained in a week or two.  This simply is not true.

If you want the guarantee of NEVER having to clean up your dog's pee or poop inside your home again your dog MUST be 100% reliable.

A week or two will not cut it!

Yes, there's a lot of free information out there.

And here's what that free information will tell you...

  • Keep a regular feeding schedule.
  • Go outside at regular intervals.
  • Give your dog treats.


Doing those things alone will not make your dog 100% reliably potty trained.

Here's what makes this guide different...

The Flawless Potty Training Guide will turn your potty training woes into potty training success.

I cut through the fluff to bring you easy and practical steps you can implement right now.

With this guide you will have a 100% reliably potty trained dog in 4 weeks.

Here's Some of What You'll Discover in The Flawless Potty Training Guide...

Take Control of Potty Training

The 2 steps you MUST take immediately to get potty training under control.

Speed Up Potty Training

Avoid the most common mistakes that slow down potty training.

Be One Step Ahead of Your Dog

How to 'read' your dog BEFORE they eliminate inside.

Add a Cue

Teach your dog how to 'do their business' on cue.

Q and A

Q and A section with my answers to other German Shepherd owners just like you.

Show Your Dog They Got it Right

Learn how to use marker training to show your dog how happy you are they got it right.

What if You're Away From Home?

Smart ways to keep potty training even when you're not at home.

No Punishment Needed

Successfully potty train your dog without any punishment.  Only kind, force-free methods.

Step-By-Step Schedule

A step-by-step schedule you can tailor to your specific needs.

Direct Support from Me

You'll have direct access to me and I will support you evey step of the way.

For $22.95 You Won't Get This Anywhere Else!

I Have Had Great Success With This Method for Many Years.

But don't just take my word for it.

See What Others Have to Say About Their Success...

"Hi Rosemary!
Your potty training guide worked a treat! Our white shepherd (9 weeks) is now letting us know when she needs to go."

- Ben

"No matter what we tried, our puppy would 'go' in the house without any warning.  Your potty training guide solved this problem.  Thank you!  We are grateful"

- Jeff

"Hi! I’m so happy i found your website, my biggest problem with our German Shepherd was Potty training her, she is so smart but we just couldn't get it right. As soon as i found your website and guide we started your step by step routine and it it's working!"

- Victoria

"Thank you so much!  I have been working through the potty training and it's working great!  Her accident count has gone way down!!!"

- Destiny

"I purchased your potty training book this morning and I'm finding the potty training schedule very useful!  Thanks!  My puppy is just going in the house and I wanted to know why. Now I know what signs to look for"

- Veronica

"I just ordered your potty training book and I love it.  I have learned so much and it has given me a good program to follow."


- Elinor

"I have found that your guide works very well for my 3mo. old blk/red "Ava" is already fully housebroken! We hand what my kids call jingle bells on our doorknobs.  When pups get need to potty...Jingle...Jingle!"

- Brent

Do Right By Your GSD and Get Started Right Away!

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