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Everything You Want to Know About Your GSD Puppy

This section is dedicated to answering all the questions you have about German Shepherd Puppies. Here you’ll find a collection of helpful articles that deal with common questions people have about their new puppy.

You’ll find force-free, science-based methods you can use to empower your puppy to learn quickly and take the stress out of training.

You’ll have a well balanced, healthy puppy that looks forward to training, is eager to please you and keep coming back for more.

7 Ways to Fix Floppy German Shepherd Puppies Ears

7 Ways to Fix Floppy German Shepherd Puppies Ears

A lot of folks I know panic about their German Shepherd's ears. I mean why wouldn't you, if they're up one day, and down the next? But In most cases it's totally normal. And doing a few small things can help those ears perk up and stay up for good...

German Shepherd Puppy Biting? Take Charge Like This

4 Fun Games to Stop German Shepherd Puppy Biting

German Shepherd puppy biting is one of the key behaviors you should take charge of as soon as possible. Ignoring or encouraging biting behavior can lead to it spinning out of control.  And once your puppy is older biting could mean big problems...