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GSD Breed

The German Shepherd is the second most popular dog in the world. And breed has an interesting history! Their roots can be traced back to 1899. Making this breed just over 100 years old – relatively young in comparison to other breeds.

Here you’ll find articles about the GSD breed. Its temperament, history, bloodlines and a collection of the best breeders in the world. As well as the accepted breed standard.

What to Know Before Getting a German Shepherd

Are you about to step into the world of pooch parenting for the first time. Or, are you thinking of making a German Shepherd your new best friend? Either way, you're right to take this decision seriously.  So if you're wondering what to know before getting a German Shepherd, I'm glad you stopped by! Everyone

Fun Facts About German Shepherds [Infographic]

Fun Facts about the GSD

There's so much to be said about the German Shepherd Dog and this post is crammed with fun and interesting facts. The infographic with fun facts about German Shepherds will give you a glimpse into the history and design of this fascinating breed.  It will also shed some light on what you can expect your

German Shepherd Breed Standard

Use this interactive tool to learn about the German Shepherd breed standard and what makes up a dog you can breed and show with.  Simply click on the numbers and the relevant info will appear.  You can also download a PDF with the official German Shepherd breed standard, provided by the American Kennel Club here.

5 German Shepherd Breed Types: Which is Right for You?

DDR Working Line

All 5 of the German Shepherd breed types are sought after across the globe - depending on the needs of future owners. It's essential to research each breed type thoroughly before making your final choice.  It wasn’t by chance that the German Shepherd has become one of the most sought after breeds in the world.