The Best Safety Harness for Dogs in Cars

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If you’re here today looking for the best safety harness for dogs in cars, you’re at the right place!

Here are some frightening facts…

There are over 78 million dogs living in the US only 16% of owners have ever restrained their pooch whilst out driving.

Don’t be part of that 84% who put the lives of their dogs at risk!

Keep reading to find out which harnesses are the best and which ones you should avoid.

At A Glance: Our Top 2 Picks For Car Safety Harnesses

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  4. Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Harness
  5. Sleepypod Clickit Sport Utility Safety Harness
  6. EzyDog DRIVE Dog Car Harness
  7. Best Safety Harness for Dogs in Cars: Buyer’s Guide
  8. Final Conclusion

Why You Should Only Consider the Best Safety Harness for Your Dog

Your dog is your best pal and part of the family.

And sometimes…

They like to ‘back-seat-drive” by poking their heads into the front to check out the view or pawing for a quick cuddle.  Well Zè, my busy 6-year-old GSD does anyway!

So, while a dog may be a man’s best friend, a really caring pet owner needs to know when it’s time to show some tough love on car rides.

Think about this…

A 50-pound dog roaming happily across the back seat one minute, becomes a lethal missile even in a crash at a relatively slow speed.

In a crash situation your unrestrained dog could:

  • Fly forward through the windshield.
  • Get crushed by airbags.
  • Cause crush injuries to your passengers.

Serious injury or death of unrestrained dogs in car crashes is sadly not uncommon.

Editor’s Choice – Robust Crash TestingEzyDog Dive Car Harness for Dogs

EzyDog Drive Safety Harness

Crash test certification is recognized in the USA, Europe, and Australia. Strong yet soft padding across the chest and shoulders for comfort.

Check Price on Chewy

Check Price on Amazon

And if you’re out of action after a crash, think about the harm that could come to your beloved hound roaming leash-free across the freeway.

Heading to who knows where…

Here at German Shepherd Corner, I’ve been researching the growing selection of safety harnesses out there.  And even tried one out for my dogs.

The safety of your dog is super important and there’s a ton of information out there on safety harnesses.  So, I’ll share with you the good and the not so good.  So that you can make an informed decision and shop with confidence knowing you’re doing the best for your dog.

At A Glance: Our Top 2 Picks For Car Safety Harnesses

Bergan Dog Auto Harness with Tether

Safety Harness with TetherACK Link Plus Dog GPS Tracker

Bergan Dog Auto Harness with Tether

Made with durable materials and offers adjustable tethers for the perfect fit. A low anchor point allows for some movement while remaining safe.

Check Price on Amazon

Design and Comfort

A quality controlled, sturdy, durable harness available in varying sizes from Bergan, a pedigree American company.

So Bergan has been creating innovative pet safety products for almost a half-century now and so these guys know a thing or two about how to keep our hounds safe.

Their Auto Harness with Tether is made from good quality materials and many users report that their dogs seem comfortable wearing it.

The adjustable tethers are to the back preventing Fido from attempting to undo them and the low anchor point means that the harness keeps your dog secure but allows for some comfortable movement.

A leash can be easily attached for those all-important toilet breaks on a long road trip.

Ease of Use

The harness is pretty easy to use by laying it on the floor and having your dog step into it and then you just adjust and click the tethers to the rear.

The carabiners which are included secure the harness to the seat belt loop or a child seat anchor and they can be easily clicked in and out with one hand. All in all, a product that is simple to use and will have you safely out on the road in no time.

Material and Cleaning Instructions

Bergan has aimed to use good quality fabric with nylon straps and a padded front to increase comfort. In terms of keeping this harness clean, hot soapy water and a brush will keep it fresh.

Crash Test Standards

So a big tick here as Bergan has responsibly checked that this harness is good to go. It meets the recommended standards of the Pet Safety Durability Test – V9DT B2009.

This is a pretty rigorous testing process designed by Bergan themselves in an attempt to set a market standard for harnesses.

They want you to rest assured that you are buying a solid, durable product. However, the harness isn’t laboratory crash-tested, although many users have commented that it has done the job in car crashes they have been unfortunate enough to be involved with.


The great selling point here of the Bergan is that it comes in 4 sizes – small, medium, large, XL so dogs both big and small can find a good fit.

In fact, dogs sized from 10 to 150 lbs can use this harness. Just make sure you measure up carefully before ordering, or you might need to make a return to get one that fits just so.

Pros and Cons

On the positive side, this is a harness which comes from a responsible manufacturer who clearly has pet interests at their heart. The design is well thought out and many users have been happily using their harness for years.

On the flip-side, though there are some frustrations with the product, namely that some dogs have managed to wriggle free – although this may be an incorrect fit to blame.

There are also some reports of fraying and breaking straps and there’s a general view that the strap adjustment feature could be improved.

Also, I’m in two minds about the attachment.  Because it attaches to the seat belt loop the benefit of the seat belt locking in place during a crash is lost.

At high speed or high impact, I’m afraid the seat belt loop might snap since it’s plastic.  This is not really a problem if you have a small, medium or large dog because you can use the child seat anchor.  But for an extra-large dog – you might have a problem.


All up, I’d say that this isn’t a bad harness for its price, but you do need to make sure that you order the correct fit for your dog and follow the fitting instructions to the letter.

If your dog is particularly active though – think doggy Houdini – this may not be the best choice as there are plenty of jailbreak tales.  And if you have an extra-large dog, this is not the safety harness for you.

Around half of the users who have posted reviews love this harness while the other half have mixed opinions. So it’s a tough one to call.

Personally, this is my least favorite safety harness for dogs.  Simply because of the way it attaches to the seat belt loop.

See Bergan Auto Harness with Tether on Amazon.

Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness

Lifetime Guarantee on CraftsmanshipACK Link Plus Dog GPS Tracker

Solvit PetSafe Happy Ride Harness

A lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship and materials defects. Only the 3-point harness system was crash-tested, and this system is available at an extra fee.

Check Price on Chewy

Check Price on Amazon

Design and Comfort

So this is a neat harness and the manufacturers, Solvit, have done a good job of making a comfortable harness that is also pretty effective.

It has a padded front section to prevent rubbing on the dog’s chest and also a thoughtful breathable inner layer to keep your pooch cool.

Most users report that their dog is happy wearing the Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness and it has just enough “give” so that the animal can sit, lie and stretch but keeps it snugly held when the brakes are slammed.

When you want to jump out of the car, there’s an easy attachment so you can pop on a leash with no need to remove the harness for a quick roadside break.

Ease of Use

This is a pretty straightforward model, the dog steps into the harness and you adjust the straps to fit. The model includes a strap that attaches to the seat belt in the back of your car and you are good to go.

There’s an optional 3 point accessory that you can add on to allow you to attach the harness straight into a child safety anchor.

Material and Cleaning Instructions

A damp cloth and a good rub should keep the harness in good shape for a long while. Best results are to be had if you wipe off any mess or slobber quickly and regularly.

A great feature about this Solvit product is that it has a Lifetime Guarantee if there should be any defects in the material or the craftsmanship. That clearly shows how much Solvit believes in their product.

Crash Test Standards

OK, so Solvit has done the right thing and put their harness through an extensive testing process at an industry-leading independent facility.

One thing to be aware of though, is that the testing was done using the 3 point harness system (which comes as an optional extra) as this is the safest way of securing the animal.

Single point of attachment testing using loops to the seat belt (which comes as standard with your purchase) was not tested, so just be cautious here.


Great flexibility as this harness comes in 4 sizes from XS to XL so all breeds can find their perfect fit.

Pros and Cons

So most users are pleased with this harness and mainly report that it is easy to use, fits snugly and their dogs are happy to step in, buckle up, and hit the road.

A few comments that the straps are a bit fiddly to adjust but I guess that’s all about practicing and becoming familiar with the setup. I do know that the instructions which are supplied seem clear and detailed.


I have mixed feelings about this harness.  I’m not happy with the fact that only the 3 point harness attachment was crash tested, and it’s sold at an additional charge.  

The single-point attachment has not been crash-tested.  So if you decide to go with this one, definitely opt for the 3 point harness system as an extra.

See the Solvit Delux Car Safety Harness on Chewy.

See the Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness on Amazon.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Harness

Doubles-up as a Walking HarnessKurgo Tru-Fit Car Harness

Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Harness

Based on the same technology rock climbers have come to rely on. 3 seals of approval for crash testing done at an accredited university

Check Price on Chewy

Check Price on Amazon

Design and Comfort

The Kurgo has been getting rave reviews from dog owners. The design is based on the technology used for rock climbers so sure is trustworthy.

There is an all-steel Nesting Buckle System and nicely padded section to the front. What’s really neat too is that there are 5 different adjustment points so it’s just so easy to get the fit just right for your breed.

For the fashion-conscious doggy around town, you can choose the harness in either black or red.

One common comment from owners is that exactly because the harness has such a strong construction, it can be a little heavy on the dog at times and may rub initially.

Also, the buckles can get hot on sunny days, so just keep that a/c going and be mindful to give your dog some harness free time on longer journeys.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the Kurgo Tru-Fit can also double as a walking harness, so more bang for your bucks with this purchase.

Ease of Use

So to fit this harness you just slip it over your dog’s head and snap the clips securely. Pretty much every part of this harness can be adjusted and adapted to get almost a custom fit for every dog.

Just be prepared to make that time investment for the first couple outings to get the fit just so for your dog.

A few users have commented that the tether can get twisted when dogs to their dog thing and circle before settling for a back seat nap. Kurgo has responded to this by designing a swivel tether, this comes as an extra, but worth the investment.

Material and Cleaning Instructions

Good strong webbing, stitching, and quality padding set this harness apart. There are no plastic clips so this harness has been built for the long haul and will definitely give you peace of mind that it will hold securely.

Few users have anything negative to say about the quality. In terms of cleaning, wash it down quickly and frequently and it’ll stay good to go for a long while. It can be machine washed and line dried.

Crash Test Standards

This is a quality business that take pet safety really seriously. This harness has three seals of approval as it has been tested for tensile strength, dynamically tested and finally crash tested.

All of the testing was done at an accredited University facility, so much integrity here.


You really can get the perfect fit with the Kurgo not only does it come in no less than 5 sizes – XS, S, M, L, and XL – there are so many adjustment points that you can pretty much get your harness to fit like a glove for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Pros and Cons

There are so many upsides to this harness and the reviews make for great reading. The words ‘ excellent’, ‘brilliant’, ‘well made’, ‘essential item’, ‘would recommend’, ‘very pleased’ kind of speak for themselves.

The emphasis here is on quality, comfort and above all safety.

I would keep in mind the issue that because of the very quality of the harness with the steel and reinforced fabric, it could prove a little on the heavy side for some dogs.

There have been rare comments about marks on the dog’s skin from pressure points on the harness.

Keep a close eye in the early days and make sure that you have tweaked all of those adjusters so that your pooch enjoys a smooth ride.


I like this harness. It’s well made and really seems trustworthy and robust. Far more owners have been blown away with this harness than those who have niggles with it.  So this one gets a thumbs up from me as a pick for the best safety harness for dogs in cars.

See the Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Harness on Chewy.

See the Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Harness on Amazon

Sleepypod Clickit Sport Utility Safety Harness

Highly Durable Ballistic NylonSleepyPod Utility Car Harness

SleepyPod Clickit Utility Dog Safety Harness

Designed with an infinity loop system which means there are no clunky attachments. And it comes in multiple fun colors to choose from.

Check Price on Amazon

Design and Comfort

This lovely harness has a cute modern look and is the product of 2 and a half years of research and uses cutting edge technology.

The majority of users comment that their dog sits comfortably in it and has a great range of movement while remaining secure.

The Sleepypod Clickit Sport Utility uses an Infinity Loop system. Basically two loops extend from the system and you then thread the car’s seat belt through and click the belt shut. Hey, presto!

No clanking metal attachments or endless straps. This is a real streamlined product.

I love the fact too that the Sleepypod has gotten funky with this harness and your dog can rock the harness in four super cute colors – Jet Black, Strawberry Red, Orange Dream or Robin Egg Blue – and they all have reflector stripes, a nice extra touch.

It’s great to see some imagination in use – who says dogs only like dull colors right? Helpful if you have more than one dog too right. What’s more, it also doubles as a walking harness, so you can walk the streets in style.

Ease of Use

I think you’ll love how easy it is to thread the harness onto your belt. Dogs have a decent range of movement.

Although you will need to decide which way the dog faces for the whole journey as they are strapped to the seat and can’t spin all the way around.

Material and Cleaning Instructions

The material used – luggage-grade, ballistic nylon – is high quality and durable and there’s been some proper attention paid to the stitching and webbing. This product is designed to last.

To keep your harness in prime condition just wipe down with a damp cloth or if Fido climbs in after a good old roll in the mud, then you can hand wash in cold water and hang on the line to dry.

Using a vacuum to get any hair and fur from the neoprene section is also a good idea.

Crash Test Standards

So here’s where Sleepypod really knock the ball outta the park. The Sleepypod Utility, which is the predecessor to this improved Sport model, is the only harness to earn a five-star rating from the Center for Pet Safety, pretty good going.

The older Utility model was independently and rigorously tested using the same benchmarks used to check child car restraints, so a really high bar.  Unfortunately, the Utility model is no longer available.

A point to note though is that this Clickit Sport has not been tested but with the same technology and company ethos behind this enhanced version, confidence should be high.

Sleepypod is in fact so confident in their products, that they offer a free replacement for any harness damaged by an impact. Now that’s putting money where your mouth is.


The well-written sizing guide provided by Sleepypod gives really clear instructions on how to measure your dog.  So you can pick the right size.

Small, medium, large and XL sizes are available so most shapes and sizes will find a great fit. Only very tiny dogs might find the small too roomy.

See the SleepyPod Clickit Sport Utility Safety Harness on Amazon.

Pros and Cons

You know this really is a great product. It is of high quality with strong materials and is padded for comfort and looks great too.

And you just can’t argue with the robust testing, I really think it would do the job in an accident situation. Most users are really happy with their purchase. This is a real star to consider when choosing the best safety harness for dogs in cars.

The use of the seat belt to attach the harness is generally a great idea. It’s easy to use and avoids the need for lots of metal attachments.

However as seat belts are designed to retract and lock even with relatively moderate breaking, the harness can feel restrictive for some dogs with reports of some pets being unable to move comfortably.

On the flip-side though, some nervous dogs have felt calmed by the tighter control and settled better on journeys, it has even helped with car sickness.

So I guess it is a case of knowing your dog. Quieter, more compliant dogs seem to react to the system better than the wrigglers. What isn’t in doubt though is that this is a solid, well-designed and quality harness.


This is a fantastic product, one of the best on the market. Bright, well made, innovative and most importantly proven to keep your dog safe while you are on the road.

I really like this safety harness and consider it as a top pick for the best safety harness for dogs in cars.

See the SleepyPod Clickit Sport Utility Safety Harness on Amazon.

EzyDog DRIVE Dog Car Harness

Editor’s Choice – Robust Crash TestingEzyDog Dive Car Harness for Dogs

EzyDog Drive Safety Harness

Crash test certification is recognized in the USA, Europe, and Australia. Strong yet soft padding across the chest and shoulders for comfort.

Check Price on Chewy

Check Price on Amazon

Design and Comfort

This is a neat, well-designed safety harness and it’s the one I tried out on my dogs.

So this is a high-quality harness that has rave reviews from owners – myself included. It’s has a lightweight, yet robust design with reinforced stitching for extra security.

The padded chest plate is good and wide giving fantastic support across the chest area without digging in.

And it uses Cross-Link Technology which adds real strength and control.  This is especially important for me since I have 2 deep-chested German Shepherds.

The harness slides open with a Mag-Lock system and it’s fitted with a strong magnet so it slides shut instantly. No struggling with clips or buckles which is such a bonus.

The harness also doubles up as a walking harness which I love.

And, because of the molded chest plate and placement of the D-rings at the bottom of the shoulder straps for leash attachment a dog is less likely to pull.

I was pretty amazed at how little leash tension there was!

Ease of Use

This harness is really easy to use as you thread the seatbelt through the webbing handles, click the buckle into the seat belt of your car and you are good to go.

Getting your dog in and out of the harness is so straightforward as the magnetic Mag-Lok™ Instant Fit closure system couldn’t be simpler to use.

You need to take your time to get the harness correctly tightened up for your hound and you may need a couple of car rides before you hit that sweet spot.

But once the adjustments are just so, dogs seem secure and comfortable. My busy dog wriggled out twice before I got the sizing right.

The harness is fitted by laying it on the floor and having your dog step in. You then thread the webbings through the alloy tri-glide and you are done.

It looks more complicated than it is and you’ll be pleased how quickly you can set to hit the road.

Material and Cleaning Instructions

I really applaud the quality materials used in this product. All of the webbing is of vehicle-tested standard and the tri-glides are made from incredibly light yet robust aluminum alloy.

The padded sections across the chest and shoulders are strong yet soft and are breathable.  This is great for my dogs who have double coats.

Regular cleaning is advised and you can keep your Ezy-Drive in top conditions by hand washing in mild detergent and leaving in a shady spot to air dry.

Crash Test Standards

The crash testing of this product is pretty robust. And it’s one of the reasons I chose this harness.  

The manufacturers recognized that as pet safety standards are still emerging.  So they looked elsewhere to give their customers the reassurance that this truly is a solid and highly safe product.

Their solution was to head to a testing facility in Australia where the majority of their product development took place.

They turned to the experts at the Automotive Safety Engineering in Australia.

This particular testing facility is recognized by the USA (FMVSS 213) Europe (ECE Regulation 16) Australia (ADR42/04) for certification of Child Safety Seats.

The harness was tested for all 3 sizes and in the simulated crashes all of the test dummy dogs were held secure by the harness.


So you can pick this harness up in girth size – small 28 – 64 cm 11 – 25 inches, medium 38 – 86 cm 15 – 34 inches or in large 49 – 106 cm 19 – 42 inches.

Within your size choice, you can further refine the fit using the measurement markings along the webbing.

I thought this was just the best idea as it takes away all of the guesswork in getting the harness just so for your dog and you can be sure that is really the right fit and properly balanced.

Pros and Cons

It’s kinda hard to find anything bad to say about this excellent harness. It’s strong, well made, and crash tested in 3 countries.  

And I really like the fact that the shoulder straps are padded too.  Especially useful for my busy dog.

If I were looking for something, then the velcro parts can trap hair which is a bit annoying but you just need to keep on top of the maintenance to keep it clear.

Also, come on – what is it with the dull colors!?

I’d love to see a rainbow selection.  I have 3 dogs, so I’m left checking the webbing size on the straps to see who’s who. Which is a little irritating.  But if you have one dog, this won’t be an issue.

Final point, which is either a pro or a con depending on how you look at it.  It’s more pricey than some other safety harnesses out there.

But you do seem to get what you pay for when it comes to safety harnesses and I feel that the value is certainly here.

EzyDog Safety Harness for Dogs

I love the easy close Mag-Lok system and the D-rings for easy walking


I love this harness. What more can I say! Comparing it to others on the market it is strong and well made with quality materials throughout.

It’s a little fiddly to fit at first, but once you’ve got it right there’s no need to re-adjust. And I love that it’s secure for walking too.  

In my opinion, this is the best safety harness for dogs in cars on the market.  That’s why I use it for my dogs.

See the EzyDog Drive Dog Car Harness on Chewy.

See the EzyDog Drive Dog Car Harness on Amazon.

Best Safety Harness for Dogs in Cars: Buyer’s Guide

So now you’ve got the lo-down of the best safety harnesses for dogs in cars on the market. This buyer’s guide will give you a few pointers to help with your decision-making.

It’s never an easy one especially when there’s something as important as your dog’s safety at stake. Here are a few tips before you make that all-important choice:

How to Measure your Dog

Manufacturers all offer different advice on how to size your dog to choose the right one of their products, so do make sure you carefully look at each set of measuring instructions before you press that buy button.

In general, though 3 measurements are taken into consideration:

  • Neck – Measure all of the way around your dog’s neck where their collar usually sits.
  • Girth – Measure around the widest part of your dog’s rib cage behind their front legs.
  • Length – Measure across the length of your dog’s back from the withers to the base of the tail.

All models will have straps and other fixings you can adjust too and as a guideline, you should only be able to fit two fingers between the fur and the harness with some resistance to know you have a good fit.

A majority of brands have sizing ranging from XS to XL. And it’s important to follow the measuring guide for the harness you choose.

While it’s not easy to be totally precise as every dog is different, as a guideline you’ll be looking at these general breeds for the following sizes:

  • Extra small dogs are (XS): Miniature Dachshund, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Pomeranian.
  • Small dogs are (S): Pug, Pekingese, Miniature Schnauzer, Scottish Terrier, Cavalier King Charles
  • Medium dogs are (M): Boston Terrier, Beagle, French and English Bulldog, Border Collie.
  • Large dogs are (L): , Dalmatian, Boxer, Weimaraner, Golden and Labrador Retriever.
  • Extra Large (XL): Great Dane, Mastiff, Bernese Mountain Dog, Saint Bernard, Rottweiler.
Buyers Guide for the Best Safety Harness for Dogs in Cars

Taking the correct measurements are essential for a safe and comfortable fit.

The Design

I’m loving the brands which have been carefully thought out and which have clearly been tested out in real-life situations.

It really is not a one size fits all decision when it comes to choosing which is the best design for your dog.

Dogs prone to dancing around the back seat because all they want to do it get to the park, could tie themselves in knots with long tethers.

A swivel attachment is a better option here.  So they can move position easily enough but not make for a jailbreak out of the car window.

Calmer or nervous doggy travelers might prefer the snugness of a harness system that restrains along the length of the body.

Time for a doggie personality test here!

Buyers Guide - Safety Harness for Dogs

The design and materials are important to ensure the safety and comfort of your pooch.


Where manufacturers have used car seat belt strength materials or rock climbing materials you know you are onto a good thing.

Reinforced stitching and solid metal clips are also great indicators of quality and crash safety.

When it comes to maintenance, I recommend very regular cleaning.  Keep the harness slobber, hair, and doggy smell-free. Most harnesses can be hand washed and left to air dry and some can go in the washing machine.

Ease of Use

I think that the best harnesses are those which offer different sizes and then offer lots of adjustment points.  So you can get a really snug fit for your pooch.

A comfortable dog is more likely to get into the harness willingly.  And have positive associations with jumping into the car.

The last thing you want is a wrestling match before every journey!

Invest the time to get the fit right at the start.  A comfortable harness is a safer one.  Harnesses that are easy to put on and off are a must.  And easy strap in will make your life easier that’s for sure.

Car harnesses which double as walking harnesses are also great news. So you’ll have one less piece of doggy kit in your life.  And it’s super easy to go from driving to walking.

Buyers Guide Canine Safety Harness

A harness that’s easy to use means a happy and comfortable dog.

Crash Tested

This is quite a bewildering minefield for the novice harness buyer to navigate! There simply isn’t a neat international (or even national) testing body to which all manufacturers need to gain approval.

The Center for Pet Safety is making great progress in advocating for setting standards and legislation.  Any harnesses with their kitemark can be guaranteed to have top-notch crash testing.

Responsible manufacturers are conducting their own tests.  Which is a step in the right direction.

But they are not being independently verified.  So while we should applaud their efforts, external verification will always be the gold standard.

While crash testing develops for the pet market, most harnesses are tested according to baby car seat standards. A pretty good compromise and a certain level of reassurance here that’s for sure.

Ultimately though, a car harness is better than no harness.  It makes sense. Period.

Regulatory Crash Testing

It’s an outrage that there are no compulsory crash testing standards for dog safety harnesses!  All of the sales spiels on packaging promising safety and security need to be treated with the utmost caution.

Many manufacturers, do genuinely take this issue seriously.  But until there is an obligation to comply, it’s up to the individual conscience on how seriously they take this matter.

A lot of the issues come down to money. Putting a product through rigorous, independent testing doesn’t come cheap.

The costs of rigorous testing standards will feedback to the prices of the harness. This will make it less market competitive than untested rival products so sales will no doubt suffer.

But in my opinion, I’d rather pay more for a harness I know meets a high standard.

But, it’s not all the Wild West out there.  Some progress is being made. The main beacon of hope is the non-profit organization, the Center for Pet Safety.

Some motoring organizations are campaigning for more legislation in this area. Motorists are also having their hands forced as in some countries.  Insurance claims can be invalidated and driving licenses seized if a dog is proven to have contributed to an accident.

Maybe this scare tactic will work to increase the use of dog harnesses.  But until there is official legislation, it is up to us.

The real lesson is to make sure that you read the safety claims on car harness packaging. And check and double-check that there are facts behind the claims. This is far from ideal but sadly these are not necessarily products that can be taken at face value.

They may well work keeping your dog under control in comfort on everyday journeys but in a crash situation? It’s sadly not a given that all harnesses will prevent the unthinkable.

Final Conclusion

For now, the standards in the dog safety harness market are developing.  But there are some stellar harnesses out there.  From these reviews and buyer’s guide, you can now shop with confidence.  Making the best choice for you and for the safety of your dog.

Hey, if you’re in a rush check out my picks for the best safety harnesses for dogs…
EzyDog Drive Dog Car Harness on Chewy
SleepyPod Clickit Sport Safety Harness on Amazon

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